Oct 21

Bonnie Nardi

Bonnie Nardi is an anthropologist whose work contributes to the field of social informatics. There’s a nice interview with her from Nov. 2001 on the Argus site. It includes a link to her presentation, “An Ecological Approach to Design,” from the ACIA Information Architecture 2000 conference.

Her bibliography includes Information Ecologies: Using Technology with Heart, (MIT Press, 1999) and her current projects include “applications of information ecologies ideas to a consideration of the future of nanotechnology” (via blackbeltjones).

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11:41 AM on Oct 24, 2002

Nancy A. Van House — Tanya pointed to Nancy A. Van House, someone whom I haven't read. Van House is a professor at UC Berkeley SIMS. Here's how she describes her work: My area of expertise is work practice-based design of digital libraries and information systems. This co... More »

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