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Lunar Eclipse downtown Brooklyn Bridge and The Empire State Building NYC Trapeze School Liz and Lucy Fourth of July 2004, Brooklyn . . Frog party Billionaires for Bush Chelsea Mural Josie and a lovely frame Windchimes. Neighbors love those. Zarina . NY Philharmonic in Central Park fireworks from Brooklyn . The High Line 2004 . empty . . . . The High Line 2004 The High Line 2004 The High Line 2004 Columbia plants . measuring have hay . . .

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What is beautiful is usable
SNA + Verity
Music in the Subway
Yo, we got it
Good R+D but Bad Apps
The Battle of Algiers
Classification Bibliography
IA Summit 2004
IA Summit 2004 and XFN
IA Summit 2004 Emotions In Information Seeking
IA Summit 2004 Building Metadata-Based Navigation Using Semantic Web Standards
IA Summit 2004 Taxonomies, Controlled Vocabularies, and Ontologies
Disorganization = bargain
SxSW 2004 Digital Preservation
Hey, we're here too
Search Boxes and Banner Blindness
Heaving a textual sigh
Flash slide show
UCD vs. Waterfall
Raving Lunatic
User Experience Honeycomb
Adaptive Design
David Snowden
Sponsored Labels
Sorry, Ian
Olympia 776
Central Park and the New York Philharmonic
IA and CSS
Jargon and Buzzwords
Redesign as Conversation
Unsaved Input
Murder Of Music Laid To Machines
Flickr is Made For This
One Long Conversation
If del.icio.us matriculated
Mapping Problems