Jan 16

SNA + Verity

Michael has a nice illustration of “how employee data (HR data) can be leveraged to connect people to various types of interests, publications, etc. on the intranet.” I thought most of this wasn’t possible unless you programmed something in-house, but a couple demos I’ve seen by Verity shows that they have a product that incorporates that and more. Here’s a ppt from a presentation given at the eleventh International WWW conference in May 2002 entitled, “Social Networks for Enterprise Webs.” Seems pretty cool to me. I wonder how it works in practice. There’s a press release about it from 2001 too and a white paper [pdf].

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Column Two
10:06 PM on Jan 16, 2004

Integrating weblog aggregation data with enterprise data — Michael Angeles has created a diagram showing how to use HR data to connect people, using both weblog and enterprise systems. To quote: Specifically, how do you make aggregated data integrate with other views of enterprise information? The diagram belo... More »

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