Jun 18

Best Bets

I attended “The Accidental Thesaurus: Enhancing Search Precision through Manual-Selected Best Bets” presented by Richard Wiggins at the IA Summit. Inspired as I was, I didn’t get around to implementing the same thing for Columbia until recently. Crunching a year’s worth of query logs from our Ultraseek server revealed much the same distribution curve that he found at Michigan State University. (See Beyond the Spider: The Accidental Thesaurus(PDF))

My results:

From the IAwiki:

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Column Two
2:31 AM on Aug 29, 2003

Search engines: best bets — Tanya Rabourn has posted a blog entry on search engine best bets. In it, she points a useful article by Richard Wiggins, and an excellent graph of the search term distribution on her site. Research at its best...... More »

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