Feb 23

Restart Apache...oops

kill -USR1 `cat /var/run/httpd.pid` is a good command to know if you’re working on your httpd.conf file remotely. Unless of course you have an error in you httpd.conf file. Then you will wish you never knew this command. Sigh. Just replace that file with the previous version that you made a back-up of. Unless you didn’t make a back-up. Then you will wish you hadn’t been born.

Perhaps it’s better to use apachectl restart? Hmmm, what is the difference?

More fun with Apache on OS X:

Update. James writes:
even better:
apachectl configtest
will tell you if your httpd.conf changes are okay before you do a
apachectl graceful
which will reboot apache without screwing up any current httpd sessions. (which is why you should use this method)

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