Mar 11

SxSW 2003

There’s a sense of celebration that sets SxSW apart from any other conference you might attend. In that spirit, David Weinberger’s keynote was perfect. The short version of “Why the Web Matters” is basically:

  • Every link an individual makes to another site is an act of selflessness
  • We are at our best when we are generous
  • The Web is all about linking
  • So, the Web is based on an architecture of generousity — it is us at our best

Update MPEG4’s are available.

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Joshua Kaufman
10:49 PM on Mar 11, 2003

The Web of Generosity, or Lack Thereof — Tanya Rabourn reports on David Weinberger's keynote at SXSW. The short version of "Why the Web Matters" is basically: Every... More »

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