Feb 21


A lovely social bookmarking service that I had a hand in developing, Ma.gnolia, launched last week. I had the privilege of working with Jeffrey Zeldman (creative direction), Erin Kissane (brand direction) Jason Santa Maria (logo/brand design), Eric Meyer (css and markup), and Greg Storey (interface design). I gotta say that Greg did a beautiful job with the design and that logo of Jason’s is just gorgeous. The features they started out with are solid and I’m excited about it. If you’re already familiar with other bookmarking sites, you might want to jump in with “Why Is Ma.gnolia Different?

Perhaps it’s only of interest to the geekier among us, but I can’t help but mention that the use cases Todd Sieling wrote for Gnolia Systems were excellent examples of what use cases can be when the users’ experience is paramount to all concerned. It was a pleasure reading them. (I’m serious — I’m saying that about use cases — really, there’s no sarcasm I swear.)

Edit: Plus the fact that I’m like one degree away from Alton Brown (a featured linker) just makes me tingly.

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