Dec 31

Sliders: Tears or Bullets


Interesting movie finder at Jaman. I’m not so sure I buy the tears and bullets being on opposite ends of the continuum.

The “feeling lucky” gives you a different set of preset slider positions.

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Victor Lombardi
6:56 AM on Jan 3, 2008

Doesn't that seem to be a betrayal of the Feeling Lucky behavior we've come to expect? It shouldn't mean "randomize" it should mean "let's see if our best guess is what you wanted".

I'd like to see them put some intelligence into that guess. "You've cranked up the Tears to 10, so I'm going to take you straight to the movie that is 1) a big tears movie, and 2) a lot of people like.

7:10 AM on Jan 3, 2008

I can't imagine why they labeled it "feeling lucky." I expected it to behave exactly as you described it and was quite surprised when it didn't take me to their single best guess.

I think the presets are useful for initial exploration. The button needs to be a) labeled differently and b) less prominent. It's drawing too much attention to itself and overwhelming the sliders. I'm trying to think of a more appropriate label. Hmmm...

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