Feb 11

Wordle of my qualifying paper

I couldn’t resist creating a wordle of my doctoral qualifying paper. Not too many surprises: “development, information, technology, design, users, discourse” and of course my fondness for the word “particular.” Hmmm.

Wordle: qualifying paper

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Matthew Wettergreen
11:18 AM on Feb 17, 2011

Oh, what a perfect idea. I've done Wordles for nearly everything I can think off and often use it to qualitatively find patterns of words or themes in a particular document. Somehow I never thought to make a wordle for my thesis though. Thanks for the idea!

Tanya Rabourn
12:38 PM on Feb 17, 2011

Everything is better as a Wordle! Great way to put off this reading I need to be doing too :-)

4:19 AM on Feb 25, 2011

nice post

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