Nov 07

Meet The Makers

Attended Meet the Makers yesterday. The lab demos were really interesting and most seemed to center around web services. The speakers were great and stressed that the Web just happens to be the medium they use as an outlet for their creativity. Also, the Web as palimpsest was declared to be a beautiful thing. Joshua Davis mentioned that the memory of a site often exceeds the actual site. Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman discussed “web standards as a continuum of reasonable options rather than an all-or-nothing proposition.”

I spent the morning with two fellow Columbia makers. Zarina’s observance of Ramadan didn’t seem to stop Anders and me from indulging in the especially yummy lunch. She mentioned that it’s not just going without food, but you are expected to not focus on desiring food as well. I wanted to tell her that that seemed like a bit of a catch 22, but my mouth was full of salmon.

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6:40 PM on Nov 9, 2002

Palimp - youwhatnow? — "Also, the Web as palimpsest was declared to be a beautiful thing." Mommy, what's a palimpsest? More »

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