Jun 14

You Will be Assimilated

I resent the assumption that if everyone else likes something, then it should be what I want as well. Google assumes that popularity equals relevancy. Why should it assume that I would prefer documents that enjoy mass consumption over documents that contain my keywords more frequently and in important metadata fields? I’m not one of the hoi polloi crowded into the newest stadium seating cinema to inhale this weekend’s Hollywood blockbuster opiate.

However, what really bothers me, is that Google gives me what I want. Damn you Google. You laugh at my ability to construct complex boolean queries, sneer at my knowledge of fielded searching, and (on very rare occasions) gloat when you have the opportunity to correct my spelling.

I can’t stay away. Google is digital crack. It always makes me feel lucky. Cory, you are so right.
O’Reilly Network: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Panopticon [Mar. 08, 2002]

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