Apr 25

It's still who you know

A current study that examined how Boeing engineers obtain information (to be published in “Information Processing and Management”) goes nicely with “It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know: Work in the Information Age” by Bonnie Nardi, et al. The study of Boeing engineers is covered in the San Jose business Journal. (Via LISnews)

The researchers are on faculty at the ISchool, University of Washington. They’re part of a new Center for Human-Information Interaction which sounds interesting. The heck with that human computer interaction stuff.

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Det perfekta tomrummet
9:02 AM on Apr 25, 2003

Förkroppsligad information — En kommande studie analyserar hur ingenjörer på Boeing arbetetar. Det verkar som om kodifierad information inte är allt: "the engineers More »

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