Oct 16

Not Finished

Ted Nelson, Way Out of the Box

Today’s computer constructs were made up in situations that ranged from emergency to academia, which have been piled up into a seemingly meaningful whole. Yet the world of the screen could be anything at all, not just the imitation of paper. But everybody seems to think the basic designs are finished.

The tekkie outlook is often the hireling’s mentality: that first you do this job, then you do that job, whatever is assigned to you; that the specs are given to you and don’t change; and when you finish the job assigned to you, you go on to the next job assigned to you. None of these strictures has much to do with the kind of creativity that writers attempt. But then most tekkies don’t understand about writing, or words.

Via alex wright.

Along the same lines of what the Web could be/should’ve been, Tim Berners-Lee spoke to The Royal Society recently.

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