Jan 01

What Should I Do With My Life

Po Bronson’s new book, sounds very good. (Or maybe it’s just that it sounds particularly good to me right now.) He has an article in the January issue of Fast Company on the same subject that resonated with me — especially the bit about untapped productivity and square pegs. Via Tantek.

From Po Bronson’s site:

This book doesn’t follow a conventional outline. Every week I sketched out another scenario for grouping these people’s lives. Most people had fair claim to several groups. Too many never fit any. It was always clear that the benefits of categorization were outweighed by the harm in chopping their lives down to an anecdote.

I couldn’t shake the urge to tame this question by shackling it with some orderly form. But the human soul resists taxonomy.

Nah, it just longs for faceted classification.

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